2023 Hair Trend Wrap: Bangs, Bonnets, Braids & Bows

2023 Hair Trend Wrap: Bangs, Bonnets, Braids & Bows

Being at the halfway point of 2023, we're about to spill the tea on some trending hair looks that will easily make you a certified baddie. It's been a big year.

We know you already know, but great hair starts with a strong foundation. Similarly to skin-prepping primers in your makeup routine, starting off with a good base is trés important. Before taking these 2023 hair trends for a spin, prime your scalp and hair for success by starting off with our Healthy Hair Heroes. Further boost your barrier by touching up with our Crown Fix Scalp Serum which also doubles as a heat protectant if you’re pulling out the hot tools.

Let's get started:


Well, did they ever really go out of fashion? No, but if you've been waiting for an excuse to make the chop…This is your sign to head to the salon, or get your scissors if you're feeling chaotic and thrifty. 

Long curtain bangs 

Hair Gems

Who, us? We spotted our Hair Gem Machine's handiwork making the rounds at Australian Fashion Week and it was an honour. What better way to knock the Winter blues than with a little sparkle? Guaranteed to sparkle-up any outfit and give you the moment you deserve.


Giving it up for our functional, fashion forward queen. We saw Flex Mami wearing a bonnet at Coachella and we were obsessed, not only for the aesthetic but it being a genius workaround for hair wash days and wild weather - a staple for Melbournites. Flex, call us! 

Messy Updos

Spotted on it-attendees at AFW, the Pamela Anderson inspired: Messy Updo is definitely having a moment. If you haven't tried it already, beware, it's guaranteed to bring out your inner movie-star and turn heads. 

Bows & Braids

From Billie at the Met Gala to Joely Malcolm of Vogue AU's tiktok fame at AFW, bows and braids are going global as a quick 'n' easy hairstyle. There’s no better time to get on your plaited-pigtail game.

Final Thoughts 
And finally, want to know the hottest hairstyle that’s absolutely timeless? It’s whichever one you’re most comfortable rocking,
of course. 

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