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Scalp Care

What is a scalp microbiome?

Just as our gut has live bacteria, AKA ‘microbes,’ so does our scalp. With its own unique ecosystem, the scalp is host to a range of microbes (from bacteria and fungi through to environmental toxins) that live on the scalp’s surface and feed on sebum (your hair’s natural oil).

A balanced scalp microbiome is one where diverse bacteria work together as a team to strengthen the skin’s surface layer and create a habitat for follicles to thrive and roots to grow into healthy Straands.

What causes dandruff?

‘Dandruff,’ aka flakey skin, is a warning sign your scalp’s microbiome is in survival mode. If your scalp microbes aren’t playing well together, it leads to blockages in the hair follicles and excess sebum build-up (resulting in fungus or yeast building on the skin), resulting in a shedding process. While it might not look pretty, it’s the scalp’s way of doing damage control, looking after your microbiome and actively working to detox impurities and encourage skin renewal.

What does a healthy scalp look like?

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. For a happy, healthy scalp you need a strong skin barrier, and a well-balanced scalp microbiome full of diverse, thriving bacteria. Think of a strong skin barrier as the ideal foundation for your follicles. Whilst a low dose of natural oil is healthy for hair, it’s important to remember we are exposed to environmental toxins daily, so a regular rinse, scrub and dose of powerful prebiotics is going to support and help balance out your microbiome.

Any scalp microbiome no-no’s?

You wouldn’t go to bed without removing your makeup, the same goes for your scalp.

Okay, let’s be realistic, a deep rinse before bed is unlikely to happen on the daily. It's still important to keep in mind your scalp the way your face does.

A common side effect of an imbalanced microbiome is often the result of too much product buildup, think layers of dry shampoo, natural oils and environmental toxins.

Life is busy, we get it. A product that saves those ‘too busy to blow dry’ days will always feel better than dirty roots, but remember to rinse and repeat, regularly.

A caveat though, with hair washing: over-washing hair can disrupt the scalp too, as can not drying hair thoroughly enough. Wet hair left unattended can create a damp environment and breeding ground for bacteria growth, so always aim to towel dry and blow dry after showering.

As for hair washing? It’s a fine line… trust your crown the way you’d trust your gut.

However, when that designated hair-wash day does come, opt for a shampoo that works in harmony with your natural biome, such as our Crown Cleanse.

Is dandruff seasonal?

The short answer, yes and no. Seasonal changes can disrupt the scalp’s microbiome, but only if it's already vulnerable (i.e. not well nourished or protected).

So that hat-free stroll in Summer? Always risky business for scalp burn and dandruff. While equally, a bone dry scalp left unattended in Winter is also a sure bet you’ll be welcoming snowflakes of another kind..

While temperature changes will always play a part in imbalances occuring, the best way to maintain that microbiome sweet spot and keep hair healthy (and flake-free year round) is prevention.

Prebiotic products that nourish the scalp and hair is your one way ticket to glossy strong Straands minus the unwanted side effects.

What about chemical solutions?

Harsh truth: the chemicals commonly found in hair products contain more irritants for the scalp, than they contain benefits for hair or skin.

Browse any hair care aisle and if you look closely enough at the labels, you’ll often find a concoction of chemicals in one product.

The most common culprits used are sulfates (SLS & SLES), silicones and parabens - toxins that strip the skin of its natural oil (sebum) and spark scalp inflammation, like dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, hives, itchiness or dandruff.

We prefer to keep things natural, all our products are free of harmful chemicals and draw upon active ingredients direct from mother nature instead. By harnessing the power of plant-derived prebiotic ingredients and Defenscalp™, our products keep sebum in-check, promote a healthy scalp, encourage cell turnover and provide a nurturing environment for hair growth.

The perks of this power duo? Say goodbye to scalp dryness, flaking, product build-up, thinning and hair loss and hello to glossy, nourished hair and scalp!

How long does it take to work?

No two Straands of hair are the same, which means no two scalp microbiomes will balance out in the same way or at the same time.

As a rule of thumb, we suggest adding scalp care into your beauty routine, stat!

By massaging your scalp (from the scalp to roots and strands) with The Crown Cleanse, two to three times a week (completing a two-step rinse and repeat cycle), healthy hair and a balanced biome will be at your fingertips in no time.

About Our Products


Defenscalp™ is a clinically proven plant-derived ingredient clinically proven to combat hair imbalances and bring hair’s habitat back into homeostasis.

A powerful ingredient that contains rosebay extract, Defenscalp™ regulates the malassezia fungi (that leads to dandruff) by reducing sebum production and rebalancing the scalp’s natural ecosystem.

Defenscalp™ is a signature extract used in STRAAND’s hair care range that packs a potent punch, minus the chemical cocktail.

What other active ingredients do you have?

When it comes to scalp care, it’s about equal parts balancing and hydration.


Defenscalp™ is our chief prebiotic ingredient that focuses on balancing the biome and combating skin irritations and common conditions such as dandruff.


Reduces hair porosity resulting in healthier and shinier hair, increases moisture retention, reduces breakage & frizz, soothes scalp irritation.


Strengthens hair against breakage, improves hair manageability and boosts volume.


Enhances the appearance and feel of the hair by increasing hair body, suppleness, sheen.


Moisturises the hair and improves texture and appearance while increasing the hairs resilience to breakage and split ends. As well, it treats and soothes dry, irritated scalps.


Moisturises the hair while also protecting against dryness, breakage and split ends. All while nourishing the scalp.

The results? Scalp skin and roots are simultaneously hydrated and ripe for a healthy hair growing environment.

I know Straand is good for my scalp, but what about my hair?

We’re rooted in the ethos that healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.

As hair care for the next generation, we believe, in treating the skin on your head as well as you treat the skin on your face, hair has a better chance at thriving by focusing on scalp care first.

In tending to tresses through crown care, the scalp microbiome becomes a fertile ground for hair to thrive and grow, while renewing root hydration to give hair serious gloss.

How do I use my Straand products?

When it comes to how often you should use your Straand products, no one size fits all, each crown will fit a little differently.

Research shows, to retain the hair’s natural oil (sebum), washing hair between two to three times a week is the sweet spot.

There are many factors that can influence how often we should wash our hair. We recommend going back to your roots - consider culture, climate, environmental factors and your skin type (oily versus dry); as these can play a vital role in how often you need to hydrate, nourish and balance both hair and biome.

It’s important to remember washing hair too much can actually strip sebum and lead to scalp imbalances such as dandruff.

It’s all about a balance.

As for how to use Straand’s Crown Cleanse Shampoo?

We recommend showing your scalp some love by placing a generous amount onto your palm and massaging it through until it forms a delicious lather.

Using your finger tips, work the product through the roots, scrubbing and cleansing the same way you would a daily skincare ritual. Enjoy the sensory experience.

Rinse, repeat and then step out for the day with renewed confidence.

For optimal results, follow up with STRAAND’s conditioning treatment, Head Doctor (coming soon).

How soon will I see results?

Results can vary from person to person, we recommend using 2-3 times a week, continually for optimal results.

For those with a specific scalp condition or skin irritation, always talk to your GP or a dermatologist first.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at