Why You Need A Microfibre Hair Towel

Why You Need A Microfibre Hair Towel

Ever heard of the saying ‘wet hair is weak hair’? Well it’s not just a saying, it’s a fact. Robin Grover, hairstylist and salon owner, told Instyle “Wet hair is at its weakest point becoming subject to breaking when the hair strands' elasticity is low.” 

The Benefits Of a Microfibre Hair Towel

You wouldn’t use your body wash as shampoo, so why use a body towel to dry your hair? We get it, drying your hair can be a pain and it can take forever but it’s important to protect those strands while they’re in the most delicate state with something just as delicate: the microfibre hair towel

 A microfibre towel also dries your hair quicker. The composition of the microfibre fabric is lighter in weight meaning it doesn’t weigh you down. Don’t be fooled, it may be light but it’s mighty, it’s denser than your average cotton towel which means it can hold up to 7x more moisture than a regular towel. And who doesn’t want their hair to dry quicker, TBH.

Besides being a speedy icon, microfibre hair towels are also known for reducing frizz, thanks to the microfibre fabric. They’re much finer than your average cotton bath towel which reduces the friction between the hair and the towel. Less friction = less frizz ;).

 Given that the microfibre towel helps your hair dry quicker and is naturally anti-frizz, you won’t have to use your hot tools as much. Less hot tools = less damage and scalp stress!

So to recap, the microfibre hair towel helps your overall hair health but what about it being the chicest hair accessory? Our hair towels are as cute as they come with a lil’ note from us and a handy strap to keep everything in place. We noticed several hair towels fastened with a clip or a button which meant your hair would get caught or tangled in it, that’s why we opted for a secure and sturdy elastic band. Yes, we’ve really thought of everything. 

How To Use Our Microfibre Hair Towel

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  1. Wash and cleanse your hair with the Crown Cleanse.
  2. Flip your hair down and let gravity do its thing.
  3. Place the towel (with the tag facing up at the nape of your neck) around the hair.
  4. Twist and wrap the hair towel two to three times so all of your hair is tucked in.
  5. Bring your head back up and tuck it into the strap. 

And that’s a wrap on why you need a microfibre hair towel, don’t forget you can purchase one here.

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