6 Hair Artists You Need To Follow ASAP

6 Hair Artists You Need To Follow ASAP

If you’re ever looking for #hairspo or just obsessed with all-things-hair like us, these are the artists you need to follow.

You’re probably familiar with different hair cuts and colours but have you ever dove in a little deeper? Scroll a little more and you’ll come to see that hair is more than just something that the majority of us have on our heads. 



Starting off with the most intricate, delicate wigs you’ve ever seen. Based in Japan, Tomihiro Kono is the mastermind behind Tomikono Wigs and according to Tokyo Insider, Tomihoro’s “passion is to transform people into various characters”. 



Wait, a cowboy boot, hat and a mirror made out of braided hair? Yee hair! From Louis Vuitton bags made out of braids to Fend logo-ed hair, there’s nothing Taiba Akhuetie can’t do. Airbrushing, hair sculpting or braided objects are no challenge for Taiba. 



Malcolm Marquez: AKA the beauty and brains behind some of the most iconic hair looks throughout recent history like Barbie Ferreira's 2021 Met Gala Look
Rihanna for Savage Fenty Volume 3 and Keke Palmer's Glamour cover, to name a few. Although known for encompassing different cultural references throughout his work, Marquez is definitely the future of hair with his trend-setting and iconic looks. 




Hair has always been an expression of creativity. Hair stylist and colourist Mariana PaMa is a prime example of that. The artist’s bold, fun and experimental looks are refreshingly unique while perfectly encapsulating all of our hair dreams.



Okay, so technically this one’s a collective of hair stylists but we couldn’t not include them. Based in Taiwan, OOO-ing Studio are pushing the boundaries where having coloured and funky-cuts are far from the norm. If you haven’t seen OOO-ing on your explore page yet, it’s a pleasure to introduce you to them and they will be taking up your saved posts FYI. 




Lucky last, but definitely not least, Aussie's very own: Emma Chen. Emma's one of the OGs (IYKYK) and also doubles as a makeup artist. If you ever need the perfect simple yet stunning look, you know where to go. 

Add them to your feed stat and DM us your fave hair artists that we need to keep an eye on 😏.


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