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Scalp Care: The New Skin Care Ritual You Didn’t Know You Needed

The New Skin Care Ritual You Didn’t Know You Needed

We’re all about a skincare regime but what about our scalp? Learn why scalp care is the new self care ritual you need to get glossy root to tip strands, stat!

A daily skin care routine is a given.

From the moment you wake to the final moments before you hit the pillow, your face is treated to a therapeutic cleanse, tone, moisturise and sometimes even serums, oils, eye creams and massages. But zilch when it comes to our scalp. Yet healthy strands start with a healthy scalp so it only makes sense we treat our scalp with the same level of care we do our usual skincare routine.

Introducing the ‘skinification’ of haircare,which according to Vogue is officially having a moment - with 94%of beauty consumers in China already considering scalp care as essential as skincare. It’s about redefining how we see our scalp skin and giving it the same amount of love, nurturing and balancing the way we do our facial skin.

It makes sense too if you consider the fact scalp skin is just as amenable to environmental impacts, product build up and chemical and or toxin load the way our face is.

The sudden interest in scalp care seems to arise from the not-so-fun pandemic where experts claim ‘scalp stress’ arose, according to Beauty EQ.

Let’s talk scalp stress

Stress by its very nature leads to inflammation in the body and a release of cortisol, which in the case of skin can lead to scalp flare-ups like eczema and psoriasis and in some cases manifest in hair loss.

With the subsequent rise in hair loss and no ability to visit salons in lockdown, Vogue predicts this lead to a need to source our own DIY scalp care routine to manage scalp stress at home.

With so much time at home we’re now more invested in our self care than ever. As Dr Geetika Gupta shares in Vogue, “While we were all locked indoors, interest towards vanity may have vaned. But as we step out again, the onus is on emerging from the cocoon as the best version of ourselves.”

And it makes sense we are looking for a little va-va-voom after two years of downtime and scalp stress.

However, the result of wanting to emerge like butterflies, Dr Gupta also believes, has increased our interest and use of hairstyling tools, another reason we now need aftercare products for our hair and scalp too.

Afterall, there’s nothing like a hot iron to leave strands parched and roots dry.

So in an age where crown care is in, how does one get a solid scalp care routine?

Besides getting a professional ‘scalp facial’ which is apparently the new in salon offering, we recommend curating your own scalp care routine. That’s our cue.

The lowdown on starting a scalp care routine

As next-gen leaders in scalp care, we’re out to inspire hair care rituals you will want to get in the shower for.

To get started we recommend seeing a scalp care regime the way you would a skin care regime. Think - a weekly cleanse, rinse, exfoliate and hydrate. 

Just as your facial skin has a microbiome so too does the scalp, so it’s important to look for products that act as prebiotics that can balance your scalp microbiome naturally and early on so stress can’t occur..

For those at home, we recommend the crown care collection. Each product is designed to balance your scalp’s biome and bring on baby fresh hair full of shine and minus the lacklustre

(including dryness and flakes).

With much coveted bibles like Vogue declaring it the age of scalp care, we believe it’s time to quit the anti-dandruff discourse and embrace scalp care.

As they suggest, “the scalp is an extension of our skin, but we seldom give it the same level of attention as the rest of our body.”

Your roots and flake-free locks will thank you.

To care for your crown shop our full range of scalp treatments.

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