Sweat Haus At Home

Sweat Haus At Home

Missed out on our Sweat Haus event? We’ve got you. DIY your own beauty-biohacking, self care experience of the summer at home. 

Refresh, Repair and Relieve your scalp with Straand

Straand's station refresh your roots

The Crown Fix Scalp Serum helps extend the time between your hair wash days. It works because the lactic acid, one of our key ingredients, helps break down excess sebum which keeps the scalp feeling fresh, clean and odour-free. Apply the serum and experience the cooling sensation before gently massaging the serum into your roots. This helps relieve tension and stress while improving the overall health of your hair. Scalp care = Selfcare. 

Straand’s founder, Meagan Pate, says her hack for the serum is to place it in the fridge for an extra soothing and cool effect. 

Lymphatic Drainage Massage with Bangn Body

Bangn Body Lymphatic Drainage


It’s never been easier to give yourself a lymphatic massage with Bangn Body’s Body Brush. The best part? You don’t need to be in the shower to do it, you can dry brush anywhere. It’s insanely easy to add to your routine too. Lymphatic massage can have several benefits like stimulating blood flow and improving circulation.

Drink your way to better skin, hair and nails with Habitual Beauty Co

Habitual Beauty Collagen

Make a smoothie but supercharge it with Habitual Beauty’s Collagen Elixir. Tastes delicious and you’ll reap the benefits. Habitual Beauty’s Collagen Elixir’s are scientifically backed and formulated to support your inner health and transform your skin, hair, nails and digestion. Keira Rumble, founder of Habitual Beauty, says their focus is “on skincare that isn’t just skin deep". 

Bonus: it doesn’t have to be a smoothie either, add Habitual Beauty into any drink: your coffee, matcha, anything is collagen-able.

Skin check and protect with AB Lab.

AB LAB Sunscreen


Keep your skin protected from harsh UV rays with AB Lab’s SPF range. SPF helps prevent wrinkles, pigmentation and protects against skin cancer. Kate Morris, founder of Adore Beauty, says “applying SPF is the one non-negotiable step” in her beauty routine. AB Lab is formulated with classic skincare ingredients like Vitamin C, Niacinamide and ceramides. 

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